Why (and HOW) to Raise Your Child to be a Successful Leader

Most people, when asked, assume that leaders are born. They think there is an inherent charisma that a certain person is born with that makes them a good leader. 


Truth is, good leaders were all taught by a good leader in their life.


And to contradict that thinking even further, there are hundreds of books, e-books, blogs, courses, and games dedicated to teaching kids the fundamentals of leadership. So we as a society still know that leadership is not just bestowed upon the charismatic children of the world, yet we’re still convinced of that very fact.


But here’s the more important question: WHY is it important in the first place? How do you raise your child to be a good leader? How do you teach them most effectively, and why are all these current methods hiding the fact that they’re teaching leadership?


Why You Should Teach Your Child Leadership


Well, in short, the fundamentals traits of a good leader are transferable traits to what we define as a “good” person. These traits are transferable to the rest of their lives outside of a business. Trustworthiness, humility, and integrity are all traits we look for in our friends as well as in our leaders. So it’s important to teach those traits to kids at a young age for many reasons.


First, these traits aren’t necessarily inherited traits. We aren’t born knowing exactly what integrity is. We are taught by the leaders in our lives that being honest with other people and living up to your standards and values are the things that makeup someone with integrity. We measure that by taught behaviors, so it makes sense that the traits of a good leader need to be taught to kids. They don’t just walk onto the Earth and know it!


Secondly, leadership isn’t taught in schools. And while we’re on it, neither is entrepreneurship. We can’t sit here and say that algebra or world history isn’t important -- they most definitely are important. What we’re saying is that the curriculum taught in schools does not include fundamental life skills like leadership. There are many people out there who say that the current U.S. education system is really set up to make kids good at passing tests and being compliant.


We don’t think that’s a good enough future for kids. We think being a well-rounded leader is equally as valuable as y=mx+b. 



How To Raise Your Child to Be a Leader


Okay, so you’re on board with teaching your kid leadership, but how do you raise a child to be a leader?


We see a lot of educators out there spending their time dreaming up all these fantastical ways to disguise leadership education as a game or activity for kids to just do to occupy their time.


Most commonly, we see the lemonade stand. Sure, it teaches kids independence, preparation, and customer service skills. But there’s really little accountability and proactivity happening with the lemonade stand. It’s really about occupying the kids’ time while giving them something to do that’s deemed a “valuable lesson.”


But here’s the problem - many kids aren’t engaged in these “leadership activities” that are all over the internet. We thought to ourselves, why treat kids like babies and hide that we’re teaching them about something? Why not just be honest about what we’re teaching them if we’re teaching them to be honest?


We didn’t really jive with that, so we decided to take matters into our own hands.


That’s where Leaders NextDoor comes in. We believe in teaching kids about leadership and entrepreneurship through an actual business. Our course is designed to teach kids real business skills like how to schedule appointments, fundamentals of customer service, profits and losses, and more. 


Ready for your kid to become a Leader? Check out leadersnextdoor.com to learn more and enroll your child today!



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